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Waste-to-Energy: Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion

We bring a unique understanding of the markets we serve, and provide the skill and discipline to deliver projects that meet the needs of farm partners and asset owners. We see this as a substantial step forward in the business and environmental management of dairies. ESG's farm-based anaerobic digestion projects promote rural and agricultural sector economic development and sustainable, renewable energy production.



Anaerobic Digester (AD) systems:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (methane)
  • Limit odor from manure storage and application
  • Allow for methane capture and use
  • Effectively separate manure into usable, valuable byproducts
  • Sustainable, renewable energy production



Dairyland Farms Anaerobic Digester

Dairyland Farms Anaerobic Digester

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Dairyland Farms Anaerobic Digester

New Franken, Wisconsin


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