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Performance Contracting: Correctional Facilities

Correctional Facilities

As state and local agencies look for efficient & cost-effective ways to carry out vital upgrades in their prisons and detention centers, they are increasingly turning to energy performance contracting.


Energy Systems Group's turnkey energy performance contracting solutions can help correctional facilities overcome the challenges of limited budgets, aging and inefficient buildings and equipment, security restrictions, and limited staff resources available to manage and maintain outdated systems and equipment.



What is Energy Performance Contracting?

Energy performance contracting (EPC) is a practical and economical way for correctional facilities to implement and finance needed capital energy projects for their facilities. The use of EPC can provide the resources necessary to finance and acquire needed capital equipment and improve energy efficiency and comfort of correctional facility buildings – with a guarantee that savings will be sufficient to cover all project costs on an annual basis.



Kentucky Department of Corrections - Little Sandy Correctional Complex

Kentucky Department of Corrections - Little Sandy
Correctional Complex

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Kentucky Department of Corrections

Eastern Kentucky (3 Correctional Facilities)


Parnall Correctional Facility

Jackson, Michigan


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