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Crittenton Hospital Medical Center

Crittenton Hospital Medical Center

Every day, America’s medical facilities provide tens of thousands of Americans with crucial health services that extend the length and improve the quality of their patients’ lives. However, many of these medical centers could be even more productive if they upgraded their facilities and made energy efficiency a priority. Energy Systems Group (ESG) can help you do this by:



Retrofitting Your Lighting System

Many people associate hospitals with bright white lights. Although it is important that most rooms in a medical facility have the capacity to be well-lit, the lights that can be found in many hospitals and medical plazas consume more energy than is necessary. By replacing your existing bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs and light emitting diode bulbs, ESG can help decrease your energy bills and make your building’s lighting more attractive.



Upgrading Your HVAC System

If a comfort upgrade is what you are looking for, ESG, an energy performance contractor, can install a high-performance, energy-efficient HVAC system in your building. Your employees, patients, and visitors will all be appreciative, and over time your long-lasting HVAC system will pay for itself.



Replacing Operational Equipment

Is your medical facility’s operational gear outdated? The ESG team can replace it with upgraded equipment that will increase the efficiency of your pump rooms and reduce your energy costs.



War Memorial Hospital

War Memorial Hospital

Rerouting Your Building’s Piping

If the initial plumbing work that was done on your building was substandard, or your pipes have been hard at work for decades, rerouting or replacement may be in order. An ESG professional can inspect your facility’s piping infrastructure and identify a solution that will increase water flow in a cost-effective manner.



Equipping Your Facility with Emergency Power Generation

Health care workers know that their duties are not put on hold when the power goes out. Brace your facility for the next major storm or power outage by having a permanent emergency generator installed in your building so that you will not have to waste time and resources searching for an alternate energy source.

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