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Energy Systems Group has developed diverse energy efficiency, renewable energy and capital improvement projects throughout the United States including the U.S. Virgin Islands.


A NAESCO-accredited (National Association of Energy Service Companies) energy services provider, ESG develops and implements turnkey, comprehensive energy efficiency projects, distributed generation, cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) projects and waste to energy solutions.



What is Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)?

Energy Performance Contracting is a turnkey service sometimes compared to design/build construction contracting which provides customers with a comprehensive set of energy efficiency, renewable energy and distributed generation measures and often is accompanied with guarantees that the savings produced by a project will be sufficient to finance the full cost of the project. A typical Energy Performance Contracting project is delivered by an Energy Service Company (ESCO) and consists of the following elements:

  • Turnkey Service – The ESCO provides all of the services required to design and implement a comprehensive project at the customer facility, from the initial energy audit through long-term Measurement and Verification (M&V) of project savings.
  • Energy Conservation Measures – The ESCO tailors a comprehensive set of measures to fit the needs of a particular facility, and can include energy efficiency, renewable energy, distributed generation, water conservation and sustainable materials and operations.
  • Project financing – The ESCO arranges for long-term project financing that is provided by
    a third-party financing company. Financing is typically in the form of an operating lease or municipal lease.
  • Energy Savings Guarantee – The ESCO provides a guarantee that the savings produced by the project will be sufficient to cover the cost of project financing for the life of the project.



Tipton County Courthouse (Indiana)

Tipton County Courthouse (Indiana)

Common Energy Conservation Measures

  • High Efficiency HVAC
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Energy Recovery Solutions
  • Lighting Systems
  • Building Envelope Improvements
  • LED Traffic & Street Lighting
  • Automated Meter Technology
  • Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Energy Star & LEED Certifications