Project Overview

The Town of Niskayuna partnered with Energy Systems Group (ESG), a leading energy services provider, to serve as the prime contractor of a multi-year project that will include improvements to its 3 million gallons per day (MGD) wastewater treatment plant. The new systems will improve treatment during storms and wet weather, ensuring the protection of the nearby Mohawk River. In addition to meeting New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) wet weather management obligations, the plant improvements will expand the plant’s treatment capacity to 3.5 MGD, positioning Niskayuna for future economic growth.

The initial stage of the project will center on meeting the NYSDEC wet weather management obligations which will ensure the facility effectively treats what enters it during storms and other “high flow” events. Future phases of work will include upgrades of major treatment processes and facility infrastructure. One aspect of the project will leverage the existing anaerobic digesters’ excess capacity to accept organic waste, produce additional biogas, and use it as fuel for onsite electricity production. The plant’s new ability to produce energy on-site will make it an energy net zero facility, and will create a new source of revenue for the town from the receipt of the organics.


Carbon Footprint Reduction

The new systems will improve treatment during storms and wet weather, ensuring the protection of the nearby Mohwak River. The plant upgrades will improve operational efficiency and reduce the wastewater treatment plant’s carbon footprint by incorporating renewable energy.


Key Installed Technologies

Improves stormwater management in primary clarifiers, which is one of the first stages of treatment

Construction Status: Completed

New high efficiency aeration blowers and fine bubble diffusers

Construction Status: Completed

Final stage of treatment before release to the Mohawk River, in compliance with NYSDEC requirements. New plant water system reduces use of drinking water for treatment process needs.

Construction Status: Completed

New primary electrical service for entire facility

Construction Status: Completed

Provides onsite power generation when service from the Electric Utility is lost, such as during a storm event.

Construction Status: Completed

Used methane gas from anaerobic digesters to heat oil, reducing natural gas use. The heated oil is used in the sludge dryer to reduce its moisture content.

Construction Status: To be completed in 2018

Provides new capability for acceptance of organic waste from the food processing industry. Creates a new source of revenue for Town and increase methane production in anaerobic digesters.

Construction Status: Completed

Major renewal of entire anaerobic digestion system, the key treatment process for wastewater biosolids. Includes all major elements of the system.

Construction Status: To be completed in 2019

Efficiency improvements for lighting and mechanical systems in plant buildings.

Construction Status: To be completed in 2018

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