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Nashville International Airport
Nashville, Tennessee
Project Background
Underlining its commitment to
sustainability, environmental conservation
and providing passengers with exceptional
quality, the Nashville Metropolitan
Airport Authority (MNAA) selected
Energy Systems Group (ESG) to design
and implement energy efficiency and
sustainable facility improvements.
A leading energy services provider, the
ESG team worked closely with the MNAA
leadership to design and install a $4.5
million, two-phase energy performance
contract. Energy conservation measures
such as lighting retrofits will reduce the
airport’s operating and maintenance
costs while modernizing infrastructure
via guaranteed energy savings.
Strategies & Solutions
The ESG team provided engineering,
design, project management, guaranteed
energy savings, and staff training.
Subcontractors were involved in the
installation of the energy conservation
measures. In addition ESG will monitor,
measure, and verify savings.
• Installing more energy-efficient lighting
with new bulbs and/or fixtures throughout
the terminal building and other MNAA-
owned buildings, reducing BNA’s annual
energy usage by more than 3 million kWh.
• Recycling more than 9,000 light bulbs
and 13,500 pounds of ballast during the
lighting replacement project.
Energy and
Operational Savings over
$1.7 Million
Sustainability is crucial to
our airports’ success, and as
we plan for the future we
are committed to using the
most sustainable features and
processes possible. We are
ensuring a better future for
the next generation, and that’s
creating a great Nashville
Airports Experience for
our passengers, business
partners and employees.”
Raul Regalado,
MNAA’s president and CEO
(Quote from Airport World
article: “Nashville keeps
sustainability a top priority.”)
ESG is an award-winning energy services company that provides its customers with
innovative energy efficiency, technology, and long-term financing solutions for
modernization of their facilities and energy infrastructure.
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