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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Utilizing renewable energy is an ideal way to increase energy efficiency. Whether you are working towards LEED accreditation, searching for ways to save money, or just want to make your business greener, tapping into renewable energy will help you do so. 


ESG’s team of experts can integrate solar, wind and geothermal energy solutions as part of a comprehensive energy management and infrastructure modernization approach that is focused on cost savings through energy efficiency.


Sustainable and renewable energy technologies, such as wind turbines and solar panels, have improved dramatically in recent years. Today, many buildings are able to use renewable energy sources to meet a substantial portion of their energy demands. The cost of these materials has also lowered substantially, making alternative energy more accessible overall.


Geothermal heat, solar energy, and wind energy are among several sources available for the creation of renewable energy. To learn more about how renewable energy can make your business more efficient and sustainable, contact Energy Systems Group today. 



Naval Air Station Jacksonville

Naval Air Station Jacksonville

Project Profiles

City of Hollywood

Hollywood, Florida (Solar & Wind)


Naval Air Station Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida (Solar)


Union College

Barbourville, Kentucky (Geothermal)


University of Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland (Green Roof & Solar)


U.S. Forest Service

USFS Region 2 & Region 4 (Solar & Wind)


Marine Corps Support Facility Blount Island

Jacksonville, Florida (Geothermal & Solar)


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ESG Project Websites

City of Hollywood Green SWEEP

Hollywood, Florida


NASA Langley Research Center Solar Dashboard

Hampton, Virginia