Energy Systems Group




Sustainability - ESG Defines Green™

1. noun Smart energy solutions that offer customers sustainability, modernized infrastructure, and financial independence.


2. verb To make energy efficient; to reduce energy and operating costs; to reduce carbon footprint.


ESG Defines Green

ESG defines the greening of our customers' footprint as the modernization of their buildings and energy infrastructure. Through the implementation of comprehensive and turn-key energy savings programs, ESG continues to reduce carbon footprints and to promote sustainability and energy efficiency for numerous college campuses, school districts, naval stations, air force bases, state capitol complexes, airports, hospitals, and municipalities.


ESG's Green Impact


Since its inception in 1994, ESG has reduced its customers' carbon footprint by over 752,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Which, over the next decade, is equivalent to one of the following:

  • Removal of emissions equivalent to over 1,475,000 cars
  • Planting over 1,603,000 acres of forest
  • Creating enough energy to power more than 651,000 homes