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Energy Systems Group (ESG) is a leading energy services provider that specializes in energy efficiency, sustainability, and infrastructure modernization solutions in the government, education, healthcare, commercial, and industrial sectors.

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Accredited by the National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO) as an energy services provider, ESG's comprehensive solutions include facility-wide audits, engineering and design services, construction and project management, operations and maintenance, and measurement and verification of savings.

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Our projects and customers have earned several awards and certifications. From Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications to being recognized by the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection as Energy STAR Leaders, our innovation, performance and expertise is award-winning. In addition to our record of performance and innovation, ESG also offers customers a range of procurement options including the GSA Multiple Award Schedule.


Energy Systems Group’s executive team is comprised of passionate and dedicated leaders who bring numerous years of combined experience in energy services, performance contracting, engineering, financing, accounting, sales and marketing, government relations, information technology, contract development, and project management.

Steven Craig


Michael Cicchella

Vice President,
Chief Administrative Officer

Brian K. Gower

Vice President, Finance
and Accounting

Steve Smith

Vice President,
Federal Business Unit

Our Brand

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Our Brand Story

In simple terms, ESG exists for people. Every day, employees across the company harness their collective talents to do one thing:


Over its history, ESG has built a reputation for unsurpassed service by giving its customers the industry’s most innovative


Solutions that are born out of ESG’s boundary-pushing determination to compel its customers forward with the perfect


At ESG, we have great confidence in what we do and where we are headed because we place such a premium on customer collaboration. In the world of ESG, listening is elevated to an art form, and we are wise enough to know that the proper system that leads to the ideal solution always starts with


Over the last quarter century, ESG has steadily built a reputation as a leader in its field and a trusted partner to its customers. In that time, core values have been developed—values that define who the company is, what it stands for, and where it is headed in years to come. 

Our Beliefs and Values - ESG Corporate Office

Our Beliefs and Values

Sustainable, holistic infrastructure solutions make the world a better place.

We are one team, constantly striving to bring out the best in ourselves, our partners, and our customers.

Empowering our people to make decisions leads to business growth.

We take calculated risks to drive our business forward and carry our entrepreneurial spirit into everything we do.

Solutions require collaboration: we are connectors, aligning partners to solve our customer’s problems.

We leave things better than we found them, always and under every circumstance.

Exceptional delivery and exceeding customer’s expectations at every moment is the basis for our success. If there is a better way, ESG will find it.

We care deeply for our people, providing room for professional and personal growth - we are a family at our core.  


Energy. For ESG, this isn’t just an industry or a product. It’s a philosophy on how we tackle customer challenges. Every solution ESG provides is born out of a flurry of ideas that push boundaries and challenge conventional thinking. ESG strives to exceed expectations.


ESG’s entrepreneurial spirit is precisely what unleashes innovation at maximum capacity. We want dreamers on our team who dare to ask the question, “Isn’t there a better way to do this?” or “What would it look like if we took a different route instead?”


At ESG, every decision made on a project is shot through the prism of genuine partnership, asking the question, “How can we do right by the people we’re serving?” It is this kind of commitment that generates trust, which then leads to satisfied customers and a promising future.

Our Commitment

ESG is committed to conducting business safely and ethically, growing the communities where we operate, and promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship. This instills trust and confidence in our business and community relationships. To protect the integrity of our relationships, we expect our customers, subcontractors, suppliers and vendors to share our commitment to safe and ethical conduct.

Every day we strive for an environment that reflects our values, as well as ethical and legal requirements. Every interaction that we have, every decision that we make and every goal that we pursue is approached with a dedication to ethical business conduct. As a customer-focused company, the development of long-lasting and trusting relationships is the foundation of our business.

Our safety standards ensure that our customers and communities can trust the safety and reliability of the products we install and the services we provide. We address unsafe situations we find, and we take the necessary steps to prevent unsafe situations from occurring.

ESG employees share in the commitment to community by volunteering their time, talents and treasure. Whether it is by serving on a nonprofit board, choosing to contribute personal funding to a local charity or spending a day volunteering; ESG employees are community-minded and highly engaged.

The combined efforts of ESG and employees continue to make significant positive impacts throughout the communities we serve.

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