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ESG helps customers uncover opportunities to drive revenue, reduce costs, and modernize infrastructure. From concept to reality, ESG’s broad depth of expertise and turnkey solutions make it a holistic, reliable partner that can effectively orchestrate the implementation of comprehensive solutions with a focus on measurable technical, financial, and operational results.

Infrastructure Modernization and Efficiency 

Through its core business of energy performance contracting, ESG provides comprehensive design-build construction solutions for the installation of new energy efficient building systems, where guaranteed savings from operation budgets are used to finance the capital improvements. From the initial energy audit through long-term measurement and verification of project savings, ESG designs and implements infrastructure modernization solutions that fit the needs of a particular facility, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, distributed generation, water conservation and sustainable materials and operations.

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Water Conservation

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Operations and Maintenance

Energy Supply & Distribution

ESG increases energy resiliency for mission-critical facilities via on-site power and distributed energy solutions, including turnkey design, construction, operation or rehabilitation of central plants that serve as independent power generation facilities with revenue potential for their owners.
Fort Detrick Central Utility Plant

Central Utility Plants

Through combined heat and power (CHP) solutions, or cogeneration, ESG provides onsite generation of electrical and/or mechanical power; waste-heat recovery for heating, cooling, dehumidification, or process applications; and seamless system integration for a variety of technologies, thermal applications, and fuel types into existing building infrastructure.

Fort Detrick Central Utility Plant
Picatinny Arsenal Central Utility Plant

NASA Johnson Space Center Microgrid CHP

Distributed Generation and Microgrids

ESG helps customers generate heat or electrical power to operate their plants, sending the surplus electrical power back into the power grid or sharing excess heat via a distributed heating grid.

Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center
NASA Johnson Space Center 

Naval Station Great Lakes


By decentralizing central heat plants, ESG can help reduce energy costs by eliminating heat loss from distribution pipes and inefficient heat exchangers and enhancing plant security and infrastructure resiliency capabilities.

Naval Station Great Lakes
Naval Air Station Jacksonville 

Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions

From municipal water and wastewater utilities to cities, academic institutions, healthcare facilities, and industrial manufacturers, ESG provides innovative energy and infrastructure modernization solutions that drive revenue, increase resiliency and efficiency, and promote sustainability. LEARN MORE
Frederick Winchester Service Authority - Digester

Waste to Energy

ESG helps recover energy from waste by converting waste materials into usable heat, electricity, or fuel through a variety of processes, including combustion, gasification, anaerobic digestion and landfill gas recovery.

Frederick Winchester Service Authority
Dairyland Farms Anaerobic Digester 

The City of Bloomington, Indiana

Renewable Energy

ESG’s team of leading solution architects and engineers can integrate renewable energy solutions such as solar, wind and geothermal systems as part of a comprehensive energy management and infrastructure modernization approach that is focused on cost savings through energy efficiency.

City of Bloomington, Indiana
Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority 


Municipal Utility Solutions

ESG provides turnkey supply and implementation solutions utilizing all major Automated Meter Reading/Advanced Metering Infrastructure systems. We work with each municipal customer to design an optimal system, evaluate existing meters and implement comprehensive infrastructure improvements to replace aging water meters with new meters and/or wireless transmitters. Improved and more efficient meter reading operations utilizing AMR/AMI technologies can help municipalities conserve water, improve customer service and reliability, maximize capital budgets, protect property, preserve system capacities, and reduce operating costs.

City of Oakland Park, Florida

The Town of Niskayuna Water Resource Recovery Project

Water Resource Recovery and Wastewater Treatment

ESG designs and implements comprehensive water resource recovery solutions that enhance and optimize major treatment processes and facility infrastructure. The innovative solutions developed by ESG include leveraging existing anaerobic digesters’ excess capacity to accept organic waste, producing additional biogas and using it as fuel for onsite electricity production. ESG’s solutions help utilities produce energy on-site, achieve energy net zero facilities, and create a new source of revenue from the receipt of organics. LEARN MORE

Town of Niskayuna Water Resource Recovery Project
Beckley Sanitary Board