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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has earned a reputation as a world-class leader in research, teaching, and public engagement. In 2015, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign selected Energy Systems Group to develop and implement a $41 million energy savings performance contract for comprehensive energy conservation and infrastructure improvements in five College of Engineering buildings, spanning 587,815 square feet. With guaranteed energy savings of approximately $42 million, ECMs included air handling units replacements and retrofits, low flow fume hood replacements; VAV box upgrades on air handling units; DDC system upgrades; lighting system occupancy sensor installations; steam trap replacements; pipe insulation replacements; ductwork system cleaning; and upsizing of equipment for future connection. ESG led facility assessment, engineering, design, equipment selection, subcontractor selection, project management, billing, contract administration and guaranteed energy savings.

2020 ASHRAE First Place Technology Award
Recognizing outstanding innovative building design achievements in the areas of occupant comfort, indoor air quality, and energy conservation. The Materials Research Laboratory (MRL) fosters cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, including condensed matter physics, materials chemistry, and materials science. As part of its ESPC project, ESG completed a phased $15 million HVAC renovation at MRL. The improvements included replacing all major systems serving the fully occupied 123,000 sq. ft. building. Click here to learn more.


Carbon Footprint Reduction

Energy consumption at University of Illinois is projected to drop by nearly 22.17%, and our carbon footprint will be reduced by more than 4,034 Metric Tons of carbon dioxide per year over the term of the project. This is equivalent to one of the following annual environmental benefits:

Powering Homes

Creating enough energy to power more than 426 homes

Planting Trees

Planting over 3,819 acres of forest

Removing Emissions

Removal of emissions equivalent to over 852 cars


Energy Conservation Measures

• Installing in all 5 buildings (MRL, Loomis, ESB, Superconductivity, MNTL)
• Reduces lighting load requirements saving energy and reducing required maintenance
• Replacing non-radiation steam traps in MRL, Superconductivity and MNTL
• Replacing all steam traps in ESB
• No steam trap replacements in Loomis as all traps were repaired in recent years
• Reduces steam consumption
• Insulating exposed steam and condensate pipe at ESB and Loomis
• Minimizes thermal energy loss and maximizes energy efficiency
• Cleaning supply and return ductwork at Loomis
• Improves airflow and air quality
• Increases efficiency of HVAC system
• Constructing a cleanroom for teaching purposes at MNTL
• Replacing air handler to accommodate new airflow requirement
• Installing new recirculating air handler solely for the cleanroom
• Installing fan powered HEPAs in the corridor

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