Building Automation Systems

Centralize Control of Your Building Systems

Upgrading your building automation system (BAS) gives you the control you need over your buildings and all the systems tied into managing them.

When you partner with ESG, you’ll gain a team that takes the time to understand your issues and goals. We’re vendor-agnostic, meaning we aren’t tied to a specific product or manufacturer’s name. We’ll collaborate with you to develop the total best solution to boost your building’s performance and meet your specific needs.

Benefits of Building Automation


Cost Effective

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Improved Indoor Air Quality

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Energy Conservation

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What Is Building Automation?

Building automation involves bringing all your building’s systems under one set of automated, centralized controls. When your building automation integration is done right, you enjoy the benefits of a BAS that can be centrally managed with just one set of controls. The result is a network of connected functions within your buildings, including everything from heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to your plumbing, lighting and electrical, fire alarms and emergency, surveillance and security, elevators, and exhaust fans and vents.


A BAS is a perfect place to start when putting energy conservation measures into place. ESG has decades of experience helping our clients design comprehensive, holistic solutions to achieve the results they need to meet their strategic goals.

Drive Efficiency with Automation

With ESG, you’ll have the insight and knowledge to think bigger in terms of technology that is both practical and cutting edge.

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Go beyond simply reducing heating or cooling use after building occupants leave for the day.

A comprehensive BAS can unlock incredible opportunities to achieve more while freeing up your time to focus on higher-value needs.

Think in terms of using machine learning to adjust your HVAC operations based on predictions of room use. Or using light sensors to adjust interior lighting based on daylighting. Or turning lights off altogether using motion sensors. You’ll have the power to do it all across multiple buildings through a single interface. On top of this, a high-performing BAS can identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement. That means your cost and energy savings can continue to increase as you take advantage of all that your BAS can do.

Boost Your Building’s Overall Performance

Building automation integration provides you with more environmentally friendly buildings.

By partnering with ESG, you can reduce your carbon footprint and so much more.



Achieve Better Indoor Air Quality

Keep carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels within safe limits with automated indoor air quality monitoring.


Improve Energy Efficiency

Adjust settings based on occupancy to reduce energy waste and track your building system’s performance at any given time.


Gain Comfort Advantages

Provide a better experience for building occupants by regulating temperatures, fresh air, and ventilation for maximum comfort and health.


Lower Operation and Maintenance Costs

Experience lower utility bills and reduced service calls as a result of automation.

Together, we’ll explore how to best realize your objectives by sharing information across systems.

Our team has the in-depth engineering experience to manage complex automation issues involving data integration between different vendors. And because we’re vendor-agnostic, we can reach across brands and manufacturers to offer the best solution based on your needs.


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See for Yourself


Every building can benefit from a BAS. Whether your infrastructure modernization requires a new BAS or an upgraded system, ESG can help. Our goal is to provide you with the best solution to solve your challenges.