Higher Education

Modernize Your Campus with

Sustainable Strategies

ESG can help you deliver
on every front.

Through energy savings performance contracting (ESPC) and other available funding, we help colleges and universities strategize, develop, and implement campuswide sustainable capital improvements and plans that pay for themselves.


Colleges and universities are responsible for far more than just preparing students for the future. They are also catalysts of research, economic generators, athletic powerhouses, and community cornerstones.


ESG can show you how to do it all with zero out-of-pocket expenditures or capital outlay.


With guidance from our energy engineers and renewable energy consultants, you can take ambitious steps to curb energy and maintenance costs, increase energy efficiency, replace and upgrade aging infrastructure, and invest in sustainable and renewable technologies.

Enhance Student Recruitment While Improving
University Building Efficiency

Show students that you are invested not just in their academic success, but in their future as well. With ESG at your side, you can redirect projected savings from energy upgrades into student-centric amenities and environmentally friendly technologies that improve livability, workability, and resiliency. There’s no upfront costs or capital expenditures. And with our guaranteed savings, there’s no risk to your bottom line.


Eliminate Unnecessary Spending

Reduce energy and maintenance costs with best-in-class infrastructure, optimized operational and maintenance planning, and levelized cost of utilities.


Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Demonstrate your commitment to environmental priorities—such as achieving LEED certification or shrinking your carbon footprint—with energy efficient, sustainable, and renewable solutions.


Achieve Your Energy Goals

Implement goals outlined in your sustainability plan more expeditiously—and get the word out with a fully packaged communications strategy.


Build Predictability into Your Budget

Address long-term sustainable capital improvement planning and energy spend in a more proactive and predictable manner.


Enhance Your Energy Security

Strengthen your resiliency with sustainably future-proofed physical plants and onsite power generation.


Dedicate More Resources to Student Programs

Gain an edge in the competition for students and talent by spending less on energy and maintenance so you can invest more on research, scholarships, gentrification projects, and other key priorities.


Increase Campus Comfort and Security

Create healthier, more secure, and more productive classrooms, housing, research labs, dining halls, and other student centers with better lighting and acoustics, improved air quality, intelligent building controls, and more.


Streamline and Accelerate Your Capital Investment Strategies 

We understand you’re stretched thin. Our project teams include energy engineers, renewable energy consultants, construction managers, and project developers who understand the nuances of working within higher education.

Our process starts by discussing your concerns, challenges, and goals—not just for today, but for the foreseeable future. We take a flexible, innovative, and collaborative approach to:

  • Design, engineer, and implement solutions that solve your challenges and meet your objectives
  • Own, operate, and maintain physical plant assets, if desired
  • Navigate grants, government dollars, energy saving rebates, and other financial incentives
  • Ensure the right partners are the table, from key client and local trade partners to minority business enterprises and women business enterprises

Higher Education

Northern Illinois University

Higher Education

University of Illinois 

The best solutions are built

on a deep understanding of your institution, faculty, student, and community needs and challenges.

Our turnkey, design-build approach streamlines decision-making and expedites schedules.

You’ll work with a single point of contact who will manage every detail and go above and beyond to minimize disruption to daily campus activities.  Plus, we are vendor-neutral and equipment-agnostic, freeing our energy engineers to recommend the best, most cost-effective solutions to fulfill your goals. And with our no change-order policy, you gain greater budget certainty from the start.


Let’s Build a Brighter Tomorrow, Together

Your students and community are counting on you to make higher education more affordable and our future more energy-sustainable.