Community Engagement

Committed to Our Communities

Partnering with our customers and communities to create a more resilient, sustainable future for our planet isn’t an 8 to 5 job.

It’s our entire purpose for being.


Doing right by the people we serve and the communities where we live and work is deeply ingrained in our culture.



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We live up to this standard by:


Operating with high ethical and safety standards


Funding targeted community outreach activities


Supporting our team members’ contributions to local partnerships and national nonprofits

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Setting and Meeting High Ethical and Safety Standards

There’s a reason our number one value is Community. We are a community, and our communities are our home. Safeguarding and strengthening our communities starts by operating with integrity.


Every interaction we have, every decision we make, and every goal we pursue is based on ethical business conduct. In addition, we set a high bar for the safety of the products we install and the construction projects we manage. And we take environmental stewardship to heart, as we know the work we do today will have a lasting impact on the world we leave for future generations.


To protect the integrity of our relationships, we expect our customers, subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors to share our commitment to safe and ethical conduct.


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Sparking Change for the Better

Giving back to the community is part of our DNA. Our goal is to be a catalyst in our communities by leveraging everyday opportunities and resources to achieve extraordinary outcomes. That’s why we invest in initiatives that not only improve our stakeholders’ lives today, but also build a strong foundation for tomorrow.

Corporate Giving

Our corporate giving focuses on making the lives of the people in our communities better, safer, and more successful and resilient.

We support programs that encourage community connections, improve quality of life, and promote inclusion to help communities thrive.

In addition to providing in-kind and volunteer resources, our Corporate Contributions program provides funding to state and government accredited associations and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. These organizations provide programming and services addressing STEM education, veterans and the military, health and human services, and the environment.

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Employee Involvement

When it comes to community involvement, our team members are quick to roll up their sleeves. ESG supports our employees’ initiatives by offering paid volunteer time.

Our employees are also generous in contributing to local causes and drives.

No matter how we choose to give back, we are united in our passion to make a measurable and meaningful community impact and a more sustainable world.

Funding Priorities

Our funding priorities target innovative, effective, and measurable programs that support community vitality, education, and local initiatives. We give priority to programs that serve low- to moderate-income families and underrepresented populations. Consideration is also given to initiatives that focus on diversity and inclusion.

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