Energy Storage

Gain More Control over Your Energy Resources

Renewable energy is good energy—but it’s not always guaranteed energy.

Likewise, electricity purchased from the grid is subject to outages, not to mention variable rates. ESG can help you cover all your bases with energy storage solutions that keep your systems powered up and your utility costs trending down.

Benefits of Energy Storage


Budget-Neutral Financing


Cost Savings

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Energy Conservation

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Energy Surety


Operational Efficiency

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What Is Energy Storage?

Energy storage systems give you more control over your power supply by allowing you to store energy on-site for later use. While battery energy storage systems (BESS) are the most common type of energy storage system, other technologies include thermal energy storage systems and mechanical flywheel storage systems.


You can use a BESS as a short-term, carbon-free source of electric power for isolated loads during a power interruption. Solar energy storage can help you match supply with demand when the sun isn’t available. And thermal energy storage gives you the ability to generate energy on your schedule to reduce peak demand.

Optimize power generation and storage so you can get more from your energy.

ESG will partner with you to recommend, design, and install future-forward energy storage solutions that support your goals.

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Get More Juice from Your

Energy with Solutions

Tailored to You

Conserve energy and ensure it’ll be there when you need it most.

We’ll evaluate your entire enterprise to determine what types of energy storage systems would best serve your goals. Together, we will develop practical solutions that are scalable and configurable to your current needs and future plans.

Energy Storage Solutions That Do Double Duty

ESG is ready to help you build resiliency into your sustainable energy plan and reduce your cost of purchased electricity with advanced energy storage solutions. We’ll partner with you to evaluate different contracting strategies and energy storage financing options to reduce your capital outlay.


Reduce Utility Costs

Take advantage of energy arbitrage by buying and storing energy when prices are low to offset grid use during peak demand.


Increase Energy Resiliency

Keep critical systems online during electric grid outages or when renewable energy sources go dark.


Cut Emissions

Improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions with thermal energy solutions for heating and cooling your facility.

Our energy engineers start with an assessment, not a solution. Because we are vendor- and energy-agnostic, we aren’t tied to a specific manufacturer or solution type. We’ll design to your needs, not our bottom line. And with our performance guarantee, you can have confidence you’ll see the savings we promise—or we’ll make up the difference.

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Meet Demand with Cost-Saving Energy Storage Solutions


Not sure what you need or where to begin? That’s what we’re here for.  We’ll serve as a trusted advisor, bringing forth practical solutions that will add endurance to your energy infrastructure. Whether you need to protect your energy supply solution or want to expand your energy efficiency gains, we’ve got you covered.