Who We Serve

Helping You Navigate Complex Challenges
and Opportunities

We specialize in helping public- and private-sector organizations transform aging, inefficient, and end-of-life systems into high-performing assets.

Struggling to upgrade and replace aging infrastructure with a flat budget?

You aren’t alone. Many of the clients we help are tasked with similar challenges. And yes, it can be done—we can show you how.

K-12 Schools

Harrison County Schools


Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority


Naval Air Station Jacksonville

State and Local Government | K-12 Schools

Town and Schools of New Milford


Energy and infrastructure improvements are 100% what we do.


That’s why we excel at helping clients across industries power their future with resilient, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions that work in the real world.

Industry Experts at Your Side

Our renewable energy consultants, energy engineers, project developers, and construction managers are cross-industry experts. We understand the challenges and opportunities that are unique to your industry so we can steer you in the right direction.



Reduce operating costs and improve the overall quality of aviation facilities.


Commercial & Industrial

Discover smarter ways to reduce energy costs and meet climate goals while improving overall productivity and well-being.



Overcome budget shortfalls to safeguard operations, upgrade safety and security measures, and comply with energy and decarbonization mandates.


Federal Government

Achieve resiliency, increase efficiency, and satisfy environmental mandates using funding sources and strategies that align with federal installations.



Invest in energy-saving, resiliency-boosting, and sustainable solutions that enhance patient health and support staff retention.


Higher Education

Attain your energy and climate goals, improve student comfort and security, and dedicate more resources to student programs.


K-12 Schools

Bolster student achievement, strengthen teacher retention, and harden school facilities without relying on taxpayer dollars.


Local & State Government

Eliminate the financial barriers to community-driven investments with energy and infrastructure solutions that pay for themselves.


Utility Partners

Expand solutions that support critical resilience, efficiency, and sustainability objectives on both sides of the meter.

Reducing Your Risk with Deep Industry Expertise

Your mission will become our mission.

We don’t just specialize in energy efficiency, renewable energy,

resiliency, and sustainable infrastructure.


We are experts in the codes, regulations, and requirements that govern your industry. From financing to construction to long-term operations and maintenance, you’ll partner with a team that reduces your risk by staying on top of the details.

Plus, we support local and preferred trade partners, “buy local” initiatives, disadvantaged businesses, and other policies and requirements as requested.

Rest assured that we will walk with you, supporting your organization every step of the way.

Advance Your Mission with New Strategies

Free up more capital to focus on your top priorities with cost-saving energy and infrastructure solutions that pay for themselves.

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