Water Conservation

Pour Your Energy into Water Conservation Solutions

When you need to increase your energy savings, water conservation strategies are a trustworthy solution.

Implementing energy conservation measures (ECMs) to reduce water overuse can help your company save both water and energy. Savings will flow straight to your budget, and you will have a direct impact on the availability of this crucial natural resource.

Benefits of Wastewater Solutions

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Energy Savings

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Water Conservation

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Energy Efficient


Operational Efficiency


What Is Water Conservation?

Water conservation is the practice of using water efficiently to avoid water waste. Fresh clean water is a limited natural resource. Water conservation is more important than ever, with the demand for water rising at a rate faster than our population is growing.


ESG can help you identify the latest conservation methods available. We’ll partner with you to evaluate your existing systems, identify areas for improvement, and develop plans to maximize water usage, cut your operational costs, and shrink your water footprint.

Reduce Your Water Footprint

Conserving water isn’t just good for the planet. It also benefits your bottom line. ESG will help you efficiently preserve, control, and manage your water resources with practical, proven, innovative strategies.

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Achieve your energy efficiency, cost-savings, and environmentally responsible goals.

ESG can help you achieve your energy efficiency and sustainability targets by designing, developing, and implementing a water conservation infrastructure that delivers results.

Soak Up the Benefits of Water Conservation Measures

With ESG as your guide and partner, you’ll have every advantage you need to cost-effectively meet your water reduction goals. Your ESG team will dig in to understand your unique challenges and offer solutions to meet your specific goals.



Save Energy

Reduce water use along with the energy required to process and deliver it.


Explore Rainwater Collection Systems

Capture and store rainwater for irrigation, cooling tower make-up, and other uses.


Reduce Water and Financial Waste

Achieve significant cost savings by identifying and addressing leaks and inefficiencies.



Upgrade and Optimize Fixtures and Plumbing Equipment

Achieve significant water and energy savings by upgrading older, less efficient fixtures, plumbing, and pumping equipment throughout your facility.


Implement Cooling Tower Water Make-Up Meter

Install a meter to allow you to benefit from a “sewer credit” provided by most water utility providers, significantly reducing the cost associated with metered water.

You’ll be 100% supported by a team that is invested in your success.

Water conservation measures typically include:

  • Replacing toilets, faucets, and urinals with lower-flow fixtures
  • Installing water fountain/bottle fill stations
  • Performing laundry upgrades
  • Modernizing pool equipment
  • Upgrading kitchens
  • Improving water treatment
  • Improving sewage treatment and collection
  • Capturing sewer credits



Your solutions will be sourced based on fit and need, not on a preferred vendor or brand name. Further, you’ll benefit from a turnkey approach that shifts total project management to our team. We can even assist with uncovering funding sources that will enable you to do more with less.



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Not Sure Where to Start?


Conserving water is mission-critical, both for your organization and for the planet. Partner with ESG to seize the opportunity to be a good steward of the environment and, at the same time, reduce your operating costs.