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Navigate into an Energy-Secure

Future with Confidence

ESG offers a diverse portfolio of resiliency, sustainable building, and electrification solutions for the transportation industry.

Military installations, state and local governments, transportation authorities, and federal agencies rely on us to meet federal energy reduction goals, enhance energy security, increase occupant comfort and well-being, and capture sustainable, long-term savings.

Maryland Transportation Authority - Chesapeake Bay Bridge
Orlando Sanford International Airport - Domestic Chillers2

When you’re responsible for moving people, supplies, goods, and billions of dollars of equipment, operational efficiency is mission-critical.

Nashville International Airport11
Nashville International Airport9
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (June 8, 2009) A multi-mission MH-60R Sea Hawk helicopter assigned to the Spartans of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron (HSM) 70, undergoes maintenance in the hangar bay at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Fla. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Shannon Renfroe/Released)

Why not give fuel to your most ambitious energy transformation ideas?


Efficient, resilient, and sustainable energy systems keep your mission on track by providing a brake against spiraling costs, falling revenue, and unplanned disruptions.


From airports, air bases, and naval bases to municipal assets like bus and railway stations, we deliver diverse and holistic solutions to upgrade your energy infrastructure and repurpose space to generate clean energy.

Taking Advantage of Every Tailwind

Don’t let skyrocketing energy bills and crumbling infrastructure derail mission security. Whether you want to increase facility efficiency, pursue green building methods, achieve energy self-sufficiency, or something in between, ESG can help. We will partner with you to create solutions that save money and make money to support your goals, whatever they might be.


Meet Energy Reduction Targets

Accelerate your net-zero efforts with renewable energy integration, electric vehicle infrastructure, and other solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Enhance Energy Security

Withstand power blips and prolonged outages with strategies to improve power quality, reliability, and resiliency.


Curb High Energy Costs

Gain more control over your utility bills with energy efficiency solutions that deliver an immediate payback and long-term savings.


Enhance User Comfort and Well-Being

Improve energy balancing and indoor air quality to enhance occupant experience and health.

Orlando Sanford International Airport1

Charting a Clear Course for Guaranteed Results

With guidance from ESG, you can get clearance for more capital improvement projects than you thought possible. The reason is simple: Your goals are our priority.

From initial consulting to design, construction, commissioning, and operations and maintenance, we are at your side.

When you partner with our experts, you receive total and complete end-to-end support. Our turnkey solutions reduce your risk, simplify decision-making, and create greater certainty on your returns.


Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority

We’ll work with you to define

your goals and determine the

best means to achieve them.

Your solutions will be shaped to your unique needs and designed to work in the real world.

Together, we’ll explore opportunities to reduce or even mitigate out-of-pocket costs through fail-safe contracting strategies, such as energy performance contracts or utility energy services contracts. No assumptions are made or details left to chance.

business person sitting at a desk at an office By using the calculator to work. Business Concept Analysis and Planning

Gain More Ground with Greater Cost Savings

Don’t let obsolete energy infrastructure slow your momentum. Upgrade your operations, safeguard your mission, and improve your bottom line with energy and infrastructure solutions tailored to your goals.