Measurement and Verification

Ensuring Your Savings Live Up to Expectations

When it comes to investing in the future, promises and projections only go so far.

What you need are documented, guaranteed results. ESG’s expert Measurement and Verification (M&V) team ensures your projects are delivering as promised.



An Advocate at Your Side from Start to Finish

Measurement and verification (M&V) provides an essential accountability mechanism by tracking and validating energy savings over time. M&V gives you a dedicated partner focused on optimizing performance and quantifying results.


Don’t get left in the dark. The performance of your energy and infrastructure solutions shouldn’t be a secret. Our certified M&V professionals use established protocols to analyze baseline and post-installation data like utility bills, equipment logs, operating hours, etc. We verify that projected cost and energy savings align with actual ongoing results.


Our M&V engineers partner with you from beginning to end to provide an extra layer of transparency. We don’t just measure once and call it done; our team annually reviews your data and reports the results back to you. You receive documentation confirming your project continues delivering guaranteed savings year after year.

Savings You Can See

It’s a fact that 99.87% of our solutions meet their performance guarantee. But we don’t expect you to take that on face value.

Our team documents energy savings over an extended period and analyzes the data for opportunities for improvement. You’ll have confirmation that your project is on track. When you achieve your guaranteed savings, you’ll have evidence in hand to share with your stakeholders. In the rare case your expected savings fall short, we pay the difference, work with you to understand why, and get you back on track.



Gain Clarity on Project Performance

Receive consistent, accurate, and transparent documentation on project performance and demonstrated savings.


Ensure Equipment Optimization

Enjoy an extra layer of assurance that new equipment is fully optimized and performing as intended.


Evidence-Based Accountability for Every Solution

Rather than waiting until the performance period to get involved, our Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals take an active role early in the project.

Your project will be supported by an individualized plan that will:

  • Keep the focus on the end goal of the project
  • Balance costs and risks
  • Ensure ongoing measurements will be possible and cost-effective
  • Advise on construction period savings
  • Consider the seasonality of energy conservation measures
  • Include periodic site visits and frequent collaboration
  • Comply with all International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) standards
  • Offer tips for saving money on utilities


Ionia Complex Michigan Department of Corrections


Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune


Barksdale Air Force Base

K-12 Schools

Marlboro Central School District

M&V is so crucial to project success that it shouldn’t be left to the end. That’s why your ESG team will factor in project performance from the start.

We lend our knowledge and expertise to help plan with the end in mind and explore novel solutions for utility savings.

During construction, we serve as an added check that all obligations are being fulfilled and that equipment and systems are properly installed and performing to specification.


Just as important, we will collaborate with your team to develop an M&V strategy that best meets your needs. You won’t get a templated M&V plan from us.


Results You Can Trust

Ready to achieve more? Build on our proven record of success with greater confidence in the outcomes. Let’s talk about your goals and how we can help you achieve them with savings that live up to promises.