Design-Build Construction

Get From Start to Finish Quicker, Easier,

and More Cost-Effectively

When your project demands expedited delivery and minimized risk, design-build may be the answer you’re looking for.

Delivering a project as design-build means maximizing value for our customers. ESG achieves this by self-performing design, estimating, and construction, along with early introduction of specific contractors. You benefit from reduced risk and time for design, scope development, and cost estimates—all of which can result in a more efficient bidding process.

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What Is Design-Build?

Design-build is a process for managing a construction project where the design and build portions of the project are carried out under one single contract with a unified workflow.


With this type of project delivery system, the role of designer and constructor come together to combine all of the architectural, engineering, and construction aspects of a project into a streamlined process. It’s an alternative method for completing a construction project that eliminates the need for you to work under multiple contracts.


Our approach expedites delivery and provides performance guarantees to create what we term a sustainable capital improvement program.


Instead of coordinating two or more contracts and different points of contact, you have one source of accountability—us. It’s an efficient way to execute a project that is easier on you and results in cost savings.

Delivering What You Need Most

When you choose a design-build contract, you’ll benefit from these project delivery advantages:


Time Savings

Design-build eliminates or reduces the need for a separate contractor bid phase after the design phase of the project, speeding up your project and collapsing the timeline for completion.


Improved Quality

Our attention is on quality assurance, with the design team involved not just at the beginning, but throughout the entire process.


Quicker Path to Procurement

Because the design and construction plans are formed concurrently, we can secure equipment and goods early in the project plan.


Budget Certainty

You’re assured of cost certainty through our where we take the cost risk, providing customers with guaranteed building performance to maintain operating budgets.


One Point of Contact

A single source of accountability provides ongoing support from start to finish, and means that we—not you—manage any issues that may come up.


Grant and Funding Sourcing Assistance

ESG has a committed team focused on identifying all available special funding, grants, and rebates to help support the project.

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Save Both Time

and Money

ESG provides cost certainty through firm, fixed cost and guaranteed maximum price (GMP) contracts where we take the cost risk, a particular value in the present, highly-variable, inflationary market.

The design-build approach has proven to reduce overall project delivery, including procurement and decision-making.

What’s specifically different from other design-build providers? ESG leverages this design and risk management experience with our energy, process, and equipment performance assurance.


That means you receive guaranteed building performance—so you can maintain your operating budget while supporting sustainable construction.

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At ESG, we are big believers

in collaboration.

The result? More productive, efficient construction projects that take away your major pain points.

Collaboration is at the heart of the design-build project delivery method. The need for collaboration across team members is critical in today’s competitive environment. Strong relationships bring with them the value of effective and timely solutions that keep your project running smoothly.


The design-build approach requires effective communication—between the design and construction teams, between us and our customers, and with suppliers and vendors.

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It All Adds Up

When you choose to work with a design-build contractor like ESG, you’ll reap the rewards of a collaborative team, a streamlined process, and reduced risk.