Wastewater Solutions

Unlocking the Value from Your Wastewater Treatment Facility

Modernize your infrastructure and optimize your operations with wastewater treatment solutions that generate revenue and reduce costs.

Aging wastewater and water treatment infrastructure isn’t just costly. It can also create a risk to community health and constrain economic development. Partner with ESG to update and upgrade your wastewater treatment facilities with practical solutions that create revenue to support your strategic objectives.

Benefits of Wastewater Solutions

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Energy Savings


Cost Savings

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Energy Efficient


Revenue Generator

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What Are Innovative Wastewater Solutions?

Wastewater treatment facilities don’t always get the financial investments they deserve. Too often, budgetary pressures restrict needed capital improvements. The results are stop-gap measures and inefficiencies that simply can’t keep pace with demand.


ESG can help you unlock value from your assets so you can modernize your operations. We offer a full suite of innovative wastewater treatment solutions that will support your goals. From municipal water and wastewater utilities to industrial manufacturers, we bring industry-leading expertise with a focus on measurable technical, financial, and operational results.

Bridge the Gap Between Concept and Realization

ESG can help you implement capital improvements that reduce costs, increase resiliency and efficiency, support your sustainability goals, and drive new revenue.


Partner with a team of energy and infrastructure experts that focus on results over theory.

We will work with you to pair achievable, proven, and practical solutions with your needs, capabilities, and long-term strategy.

Along the way, we’ll explore options for using projected savings and revenue to upgrade and streamline your operations. As a turnkey solutions partner, we’ll stand up the system with your team and walk alongside them until they are ready to run with it.

Practical Solutions that Deliver Measurable Results

With ESG, you’ll gain end-to-end support to achieve your goals—from operational to sustainable to financial. Through creative contracting strategies like utility energy services agreements or energy savings performance contracts, we can help you renew and reposition your assets with minimal or no impact to your bottom line.


Increase Energy Efficiency

Replace outdated and end-of-life systems with more energy-efficient technologies that reduce operational costs.


Support Net-Zero Goals

Lower your utility bills by producing energy on site or reducing energy consumption.



Generate New Revenue Streams

Unlock potential sources of revenue, such as high-strength organic waste tip fees, power generation, Class A biosolids, and renewable natural gas production.


Integrate Automated Meter Reading/Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMR/AMI) Systems

Conserve water, improve customer service and reliability, preserve system capacities, and more with AMR/AMI technologies.

You’ll know at every step what to expect in terms of operational impacts and financial results.

Our collaborative approach combines real-time financial evaluations with technical models so you can see how various solutions will influence your treatment goals, debt service, annual cash flow, and potential waste streams. Your project will be backed by our performance and revenue guarantees. In other words, if your return on investment doesn’t measure up to our promises, we’ll make it right. That means more opportunities to renew your assets with less risk to your bottom line.


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Treat Waste as an Opportunity


Turn your laundry list of repairs into an investment for the future. ESG will bring the pieces together with market focused solutions so you can focus on maximizing value from your operations.