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Minimize Energy Loss With Building Envelope Upgrades

You want your building to be weathertight.

You know it would increase efficiency and reduce utility bills.
But those drafts keep coming in. What are your options for cutting down on air leakage? Give your building envelope some TLC with high-performing solutions from ESG.

Benefits of Building Envelope

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Lower Utility Bills


Guaranteed Savings

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What Is A Building Envelope?

The foundation, walls, windows, and roof of your building make up the building envelope. These structures create the barrier between the interior and exterior of your building.


An efficient building envelope keeps the outdoor elements where they should be—outside—and ensures the indoors are comfortable and well-ventilated. Building envelope performance depends on a number of factors and can greatly affect the energy efficiency of your building.


Building envelope solutions reduce energy loss from leaks in doors, windows, and building exteriors. Building envelope upgrades are often needed in older facilities built before strict energy codes.


When you provide your building envelope with the care it deserves, you achieve a weather-resistant facility that is highly energy-efficient and requires minimal maintenance, saving you costs in the long run.

Reach Your Energy Goals With High-Performing Envelope Technologies

When it comes to residential and commercial buildings, envelope technologies account for about 30% of the primary energy consumed.

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Older buildings were often constructed without the need to meet any energy codes. Sound familiar? That means your building performance is likely less than it could be.

The perimeter of your building may be vulnerable to all kinds of inefficiencies, including:

  • Cold, untreated drafts in the windows
  • Overheating from solar radiation through windows
  • Building pressurization issues
  • Energy loss through uncontrolled infiltration

Building Envelope Benefits

ESG can partner with you to address each of these issues. When you modernize your building envelope, you improve its performance by creating a more energy-efficient building, leading to a number of benefits.


Reduce Energy Loss

Improve weathertightness and window energy-conserving properties by eliminating air leakage and reducing heat transfer to the exterior.


Control Air Leakage

Seal gaps, cracks, and holes to create a continuous plane of airtightness that encompasses the building envelope.


Eliminate Window Overheating

Reduce or block incoming solar energy and ultraviolet (UV) light by applying window film on existing windows.

Attention to detail is critical when it comes to building envelope upgrades. Partnering with ESG means you’ll get that attention. With vast experience implementing building envelope solutions, we work with multiple vendors that specialize in building envelope construction. Our vendors use top-quality proven products, and we guarantee the work and the savings.

Our air leakage controls include:

  • Weather stripping of exterior doors, overhead doors, and windows
  • Sealing large openings/holes against air infiltration
  • Sealing roof-to-wall joints
  • Covering evaporative coolers
  • Sealing pipe penetrations and holes at the top of elevator shafts

You’ll have full visibility of the materials chosen for each product. Whether it’s fire retardant, polyurethane foam, caulk, door sweeps, or jamb seals, we insist on high-quality, durable products with long-term warranties of 20 years or more.


Other building envelope solutions include re-roofing with improved insulation values and/or green roof technologies, and window replacement programs.


How will you know you’re actually saving money and energy? Proper installation is quantified and verified by infrared imaging and documented with digital photos and thermal images of each location. End result? You get the assurance that your energy savings calculations are reasonable, measured, and verified.


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Prioritize Your Building Envelope Today

Savings from general weatherization projects typically have a quick payback, and savings can help fund other projects. So, what’s stopping you from getting started on your building envelope upgrades today?