Address Acute Infrastructure Challenges with Smart Healthcare Building Solutions

ESG can help you bridge the budget gap with infrastructure strategies and solutions that pay for themselves.

Through energy savings performance contracting (ESPC), we help our customers direct guaranteed energy savings toward practical, holistic solutions that improve patient care, operational resiliency, and energy conservation in healthcare facilities. Since 1994, we have served as a trusted advisor to hospitals, medical centers, continuing care, assisted living, and retirement communities across the U.S.

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Every day, medical providers on the frontline save lives and provide quality care for tens of thousands of people.

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Behind the scenes, healthcare administrators are increasingly pressed to do more with less.


Mandates and regulatory requirements, staffing shortages, declining reimbursements, and escalating costs put the squeeze on budgets and margins. In this mix, critical facility and technology upgrades tend to be downgraded to the deferred maintenance list.

Enhance Patient Care with Fully Funded Solutions

With ESG on your team, you can use the projected savings from energy-smart upgrades to fund critical priorities. There are no upfront costs or capital expenditures. And with guaranteed savings, there’s no risk to your bottom line.


Reduce Your Cost of Operations

Curb energy and maintenance costs with best-in-class infrastructure, optimized maintenance planning, and levelized cost of utilities.


Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

Improve energy efficiency and water conservation, harness renewable energy, and cut your carbon emissions with sustainable strategies funded with federal, state, and local incentives.


Safeguard Operational Uptime

Extend power reliability during disasters and emergencies with combined heat and power (cogeneration) and other solutions for boosting resiliency.


Protect Your Revenue Streams

Secure revenue-generating centers against infrastructure failure and unplanned downtime with reliable, high-performing technology and systems.


Enhance Satisfaction and Safety

Create healthier, more secure, and more comfortable environments to attract and retain patients and staff with improved air quality, intelligent building controls, building security measures, and more.


Reinvest in Your Operations

Free up capital spent on costly utilities and outdated infrastructure for initiatives that boost patient, staff, and resident satisfaction.

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Complexity with a Trusted Advisor

Our integrated teams understand what it takes to maintain your operations—including uptime and infection control—throughout construction.

Our team of energy engineers and renewable energy consultants will work side by side with your team to:

  • Understand your challenges and define your objectives
  • Design, develop, and implement practical, holistic solutions that support your needs and goals
  • Identify and pursue state, local, and federal financial incentives


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From concept through

commissioning, we work as your

partner to turn aging liabilities

into high-performing assets.

Our turnkey, design-build approach minimizes risk and the time required for design, scope development, and bidding.

You have a single point of contact from start to finish, reducing both risk and complication. And with our no change-order policy, the price is guaranteed. The result: projects get underway faster and with greater cost certainty and are turned over on time and on budget.


Prepare for the Future of Healthcare

Free up capital and begin your journey to becoming a sustainable hospital.