Comprehensive Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Sustainability is a complex challenge that requires comprehensive solutions tailored to each organization and facility. In celebration of National Clean Energy Week, we thought it was important to showcase all that we at Energy Systems Group (ESG) have to offer to help your organization achieve its clean energy goals.

By assessing needs and integrating the right combination of measures - from electrification to efficiency upgrades, on-site renewables, and more - ESG develops tailored solutions to maximize impact. This integrated approach delivers deeper savings and ensures solutions work together for optimal performance over the long term.

Electrification: Modernizing for the Future

Transitioning to electric technologies is critical for organizations seeking to reduce their carbon footprints. We help customers electrify their fleets with EV charging stations, upgrade HVAC systems to efficient electric heat pumps, and more. For example, at State Correctional Institution (SCI) in Fayette, Pennsylvania, ESG implemented an energy savings performance contract that included building a central utility plant (CUP) and a wide range of energy savings measures. In addition to those benefits, we installed an electric vehicle charging station for state vehicle use.

SCI Fayette generated more than $3.1 million in annual energy savings and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 1,205 metric tons a year.

The EV charging station provided the facility with a location to charge its electric vehicles and supported a broader Commonwealth of Pennsylvania initiative to reduce carbon
emissions and encourage the use of EVs.

Efficiency: Uncovering Hidden Savings

With lighting retrofits, HVAC upgrades, water conservation measures, and other improvements, we can target energy waste across facilities. Clients like Cabell County Schools partner with us to conduct in-depth audits identifying savings opportunities. Comprehensive projects modernize infrastructure while allowing customers to reallocate savings to other priorities.

Cabell County Schools saved more than $5 million over the life of the contract and reduced energy use by more than 500,000 kWh annually.

Renewables and Storage: On-Site Clean Power

Solar, geothermal, and other renewables paired with battery storage allow customers to supply their own clean energy. We tailor the ideal mix of solutions to offset consumption from the grid. For customers like Hill Air Force Base in Utah, implementing a 3.55 MW direct control solar photoboltaic (PV) array along with other energy efficient upgrades, reduced emissions by nearly 40,000 metric tons per year while providing reliable on-site power generation.

Resilience: Ready for Anything

Between severe weather and grid reliability issues, resilience is essential for today's organizations. We help enhance resilience through distributed generation assets, microgrids, energy storage and more. At Ft. Detrick, we integrated distributed generation and a microgrid system enabling the site to maintain critical operations at all times.

Since first becoming operational in 2008, the Energy Production Facility we implemented has never failed to achieve the 99.999% power availability it was designed to meet.

With expertise across all aspects of advanced energy, we collaborate with customers like you to provide the optimal combination of solutions to reduce environmental impact and energy costs while enhancing resilience. By taking an integrated approach, we ensure investments work together for maximum benefit over the long term.

Ready to get started on your sustainability journey? We're here to be your guide! Let's connect to kickstart saving energy, money and the planet.