Energy Awareness Month

October marks Energy Awareness Month, and Energy Systems Group, LLC (ESG) is proud to be an innovative energy and insfrastructure solutions leader, specializing in energy efficiency and building optimization, energy resilience and security, and renewable energy and distributed generation technologies. 

Eglin Air Force Base

Valparaiso, Florida – Eglin Air Force Base (AFB) is one of the largest installations in the military and the focal point for all Air Force armaments. ESG implemented more than $80 million of energy and infrastructure modernization improvements to support the base’s critical missions. The improvements include a wide range of efficiency, resiliency, and renewable energy measures for 160 buildings spanning over 5 million square feet.

ESG installed a 3.5 Megawatt combined heat and power system to provide power and chilled water during normal operations. In the event of power loss, it can operate as a microgrid to provide emergency power. ESG also installed a 3.35 Megawatt solar photovoltaic array and implemented extensive lighting retrofits as well as electrical, building envelope, piping insulation, and energy management and controls upgrades.

In addition to the construction projects, ESG will also provide energy mission assurance through a $36.4 million Operations and Maintenance contract. Over the 23-year contract term, Eglin AFB will reduce energy and operational costs by over $146 million; these savings fully fund the improvements. Additionally, the base will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 600,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to powering more than 70,000 homes.

ESG’s projects at Eglin AFB have garnered top industry awards, including the Department of Energy Federal Energy Management Program Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions in energy and water cost savings, optimized energy and water use, and advanced and distributed energy technologies.