ESG completes energy improvements at Harrison County Schools

Clarksburg, West Virginia – Harrison County Schools partnered with Energy Systems Group (ESG) to design and implement several phases of work to improve energy efficiency and learning environments across its district. The improvements have touched all 19 of the district’s schools and are anticipated to result in more than $8.7 million in energy and operational savings over the terms of the contracts.

Audra Blackwell, ESG business development manager recently presented an energy savings report to the school board explaining that the county has exceeded the guaranteed energy savings by $352,873.

“These are dollars that can be plowed back into the schools in regards to technology, computers, books and more,” she said.

“We have worked with almost all schools in the county in this energy savings project, whether that consists of LED lighting, HVAC systems, cooling towers, boilers or control systems,” she said. “Harrison County Schools has the ability to specify what they want in these projects and what is needed in their schools, and the work has been completed quicker in this process.”

Blackwell said there are additional benefits to the energy savings, including faster completion of needed improvements, more energy-efficient schools, action on highest priority needs, decreased operational issues, decreased service calls, action to address the maintenance backlog, standardized lighting, decreased carbon footprint, improved indoor air quality and improved learning environment.

Harrison Superintendent Dr. Mark Manchin said the energy-savings program shows the school system remains cognizant of its fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers of Harrison County.

“If we can complete these necessary projects and as a result have a cost savings, then I think this is a step in the right direction,” he said. “We are very pleased with our cost savings, and we are addressing a lot of concerns and needs in the county at the same time.”

Source: BOE hears reports on ACT assessment and energy savings during regular meeting |