From Vulnerabilities to Solutions: Taking Steps Toward Your Best School Safety Plan

As a school administrator, we know that the safety and security of your students and employees is your top priority. Given recent events, assessing your school’s vulnerabilities and needs is crucial and likely your next step. But how can you determine if your responses to the tough questions are right?

Why It Matters

According to a recent study by the National Center for Education Statistics, 81% of schools control access to their buildings, but only 53% have a written plan for handling active shooters, and even fewer have plans for other types of violent incidents. Schools can prevent incidents and give students, staff, and parents peace of mind by investing in thorough, tailored safety and security measures.

Ask Yourself These Questions…

  • What are our specific vulnerabilities and needs?
  • What is our priority, and what can we afford?
  • How well-defined is our short and long-term plan?
  • Is there full understanding and buy-in of the plan?
  • What strategies are we implementing to fund the plan?

The Power of Partnership

Now that you’ve had a minute to gather your thoughts, let’s talk about what’s next. At Energy Systems Group (ESG), we have been managing learning environments for 28 years, making us uniquely qualified to help with your school’s safety and security upgrades. We partner with Armoured One, the leading K-12 security assessment company in the United States, to assess your specific needs and provide a comprehensive plan to take meaningful and coordinated steps toward improving your day-to-day security and ensuring peace of mind.

ESG and Armoured One can help you answer these questions and provide you with unbiased, tailored solutions. Our assessment process includes physical security, electronic security, staff preparedness, student stability, security administration, and first responder coordination. Plus, we provide several solutions, ranging from window film, security vestibules, card access, and camera technology to specialized training.

Don’t wait to start discussing your best plan of action. We look forward to working as a team to make your school a safer and more secure place for everyone! Contact us to get started!