Leading the Way in Sustainable Solutions: How Energy Systems Group is Making a Difference on Earth Day and Beyond

With Earth Day just around the corner, we are reflecting on our environmental impact and bringing you a list of some of the services and solutions that we provide to protect the environment for future generations. At Energy Systems Group (ESG), our mission is to deliver holistic, future-forward energy and infrastructure solutions that help our customers turn their energy liabilities into assets that support their bottom-line mission. This is just a preview of what we can do to help companies, like yours, reach your carbon-neutral goals.

EV Vehicle Charging

ESG is proud to be among the leaders in electric vehicle (EV) charging technology. ESG assists clients in setting up and maintaining the charging infrastructure required to accommodate the growing push toward EVs. We offer a variety of services, from design and engineering to installation and maintenance.

  • Reduce carbon emissions: Electric vehicles produce fewer emissions than traditional gas-powered vehicles, and EV charging infrastructure makes it easier for people to switch to EVs.
  • Improve energy independence: By providing EV charging infrastructure, ESG helps communities generate their own power and promote energy independence.
  • Stay competitive: Offering EV charging infrastructure can help businesses attract and retain customers who drive EVs.

ESG has installed EV charging stations for various clients, including universities, retailers, and municipalities. These success stories demonstrate our expertise in sustainable transportation solutions.

Solar Energy

ESG offers the same turn-key services for solar power systems as part of its comprehensive solar energy solutions. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the US installed 15.9 GW of solar in 2021, and that number has continued to grow as interest in this sustainable energy increases and costs decrease. Here are just a few of the reasons we’re invested in bringing solar energy to our clients:

  • Reducing carbon emissions: Solar energy does not create greenhouse gases, making it a great substitute for fossil fuels.
  • Lowering energy costs: Solar energy harnesses the sun’s power, significantly reducing electricity bills and saving businesses thousands of dollars.
  • Improving energy independence: Solar energy allows businesses to generate power, providing energy independence, which is crucial for building resilience.

Renewable Natural Gas

ESG also offers sustainable and cutting-edge renewable natural gas (RNG) solutions. RNG is a biogas that is produced from sources of organic waste like landfills and wastewater treatment facilities. RNG can be used to power vehicles, heat buildings, and produce electricity, and just a few of the reasons it’s becoming a more popular choice among industries. Just think of the possibilities when you read through these RNG highlights:

  • Reducing waste: RNG is produced from organic waste sources such as landfills and wastewater treatment plants, reducing the company’s net waste.
  • Lowering costs: Using RNG can help businesses save money on operational costs by reducing their fuel usage. Additionally, businesses producing RNG can generate revenue by selling any excess RNG back to the grid. There are also tax credits and incentives available for implementing sustainable solutions.

Carbon Reduction

Energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy installations, and carbon offset programs are just a few of the carbon reduction options provided by ESG. These options support businesses in lowering their carbon emissions and achieving their sustainability objectives. The following are some advantages of reducing carbon emissions:

  • Social responsibility: Reducing carbon emissions demonstrates a company’s commitment to sustainability and can improve its reputation while emphasizing its sustainability goals.
  • Saving money: Carbon reduction solutions can help companies save on energy and operational expenses.
  • Compliance with regulations: Carbon reduction solutions can help companies comply and avoid penalties.

Check out some of the results of our solutions!

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Are you interested in learning more about how ESG’s sustainable solutions can benefit your organization and help positively impact our planet? Contact ESG today to schedule a consultation and discover how to work together to create a sustainable future.