Paterson Public School District and ESG Announce Innovative Building Improvements

Paterson, N.J. (February 7, 2018) – Paterson Public Schools and Energy Systems Group (ESG), a leading energy services provider, announced a $14.5 million Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP) that will include comprehensive energy efficiency and infrastructure improvements for 17 schools. The project, which will begin in July 2018, is anticipated to result in savings of over $20 million over the 18-year term of the contract and will measurably improve the learning environment and reduce the District’s carbon footprint.

The ESIP is entirely paid for by energy savings, thereby not requiring additional budget dollars from the District. This project, which marks the first phase of a two-phase ESIP, includes energy and infrastructure upgrades at the elementary and middle schools while the next phase, currently in the early stages of Requests for Proposals, will include the high schools. By the end of 2019, all schools in the district will have received energy efficient upgrades.

Working closely with the District, ESG designed a project scope comprised of energy conservation measures that strongly aligned with core objectives centered on improving learning environments, enhancing facilities management, increasing sustainability, and replacing aging equipment to reduce maintenance costs. The wide range of proposed building improvements includes a new building energy management system, the replacement of pneumatic controls with new direct digital controls, and utilizing a unified web-based front-end system. Building envelope, light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, and energy metering upgrades will be included at all schools. Steam traps in all steam schools will be replaced, and domestic water heaters will be upgraded to high-efficiency units in multiple schools. Other proposed improvements include adding cooling for the gymnasiums in Schools 2 and 10 and the auditorium in School 4, replacing the steam boiler at School 20 with new high-efficiency units, converting steam-to-hot-water units in Schools 10 & 24, and replacing rooftop and air handling units currently serving the auditorium, library, and administrative offices at Schools 20, 21, and 27.

The project also includes innovative technologies for renewable energy and onsite generation of electricity. ESG will install combined heat and power (CHP) units at Schools 10 and 24 and a black-start unit, which will enable the District to utilize waste heat to heat the buildings and provide backup power to specific circuits at the schools. At no additional cost to the District, ESG will also install solar photovoltaic panels in ten schools, thereby helping reduce the District’s electric spend by approximately $3.3 million over the term of the project while affording students an educational opportunity to see renewable energy solutions firsthand.

“Our district has been steadfast in its commitment to provide safe, caring, and nurturing learning environments for our children,” said Acting Superintendent, Eileen Shafer. “The ESIP project is one more important step towards our achieving this critical goal, and we have the added benefit of becoming much more energy efficient.”

Oshin Castillo, Paterson’s Board of Education President, added, “This city has over 20 school buildings that are over 90 years old.  Our children deserve to receive a quality education in facilities that meet 21st Century learning standards. Through this energy savings program, we are making well-overdue infrastructure upgrades to our aging school facilities.”

As a result of these improvements, Paterson Public Schools will reduce its carbon footprint by more than 2,800 tons of carbon dioxide which is equivalent to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from 650 passenger vehicles, conserving enough energy to power over 280 homes, or planting about 725 acres of forest.

“ESG is proud to partner with Paterson Public Schools to design and implement these innovative energy and infrastructure improvements,” said Greg Collins, ESG President. “We commend the school district and the school board for their leadership and commitment to promoting energy efficiency, sustainability, and exceptional learning environments for Paterson students, teachers, and staff.”

“Underscoring Paterson’s meaningful investment in its students and community, our partnership with the District is based on a long-term commitment to advancing academic excellence and quality learning environments,” said Valerie Moran, ESG Senior Account Executive. “Our project will also include a community engagement platform through a dedicated project website to keep everyone informed about the project’s progress and benefits,” added Moran. “We are especially excited for students to see innovative renewable energy and sustainability measures firsthand and to help promote science through STEM programs and educational materials.”

Paterson Public Schools is the second largest school district in New Jersey with over 28,000 students from pre-k through grade 12. The district’s mission is to prepare all children for college and career…together we can! For more information, visit


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