Kirtland Air
Force Base

Looking to reduce energy use, improve comfort, and cut costs, Kirtland Air Force Base partnered with us to implement leading energy conservation measures. We provided a step-by-step partnership tailored to helping Kirtland meet their goals.


Energy Savings Annually


Metric Tons of CO2 Reduced Annually


Sq. Ft. Updated


Project Budget

This project implemented an Energy Management Control System that enhances building controls and monitoring while meeting Air Force cybersecurity requirements, helping to improve comfort, energy efficiency, and overall operations.

Two CV-22 Osprey aircraft, assigned to the 71st Special Operations Squadron, part of the 58th Special Operations Wing, take off en-route to a night training mission Tuesday here. The units train mission-ready special operations, combat search and rescue and missile site support airlift crews directly supporting Air Expeditionary Forces. The Osprey is the newest addition to the Air Force aircraft inventory and is designed to be used for special operations missions.


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