Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority

The Nashville Metropolitan Airport Authority (MNAA) has shown a strong commitment to sustainability, environmental conservation, and providing a high-quality experience for passengers. To achieve these goals, MNAA partnered with Energy Systems Group (ESG) to design and implement energy efficiency and sustainable facility improvements through three phases of work.


Gallon reduction of potable water


kWh Reduced


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"Sustainability is crucial to our airports’ success, and as we plan for the future we are committed to using the most sustainable features and processes possible. We are ensuring a better future for the next generation, and that’s creating a great Nashville Airports Experience for our passengers, business partners and employees."

Raul Regalado, MNAA’s President & CEO

(Quote from Airport World article: “Nashville Keeps Sustainability a Top Priority.”)

"This historic project will significantly reduce our electricity usage and potable water consumption, which will result in substantial annual utility savings. This is the very essence of sustainability."

- Rob Wigington, MNAA President, CEO

Through a two-phase energy performance contract, ESG helped the airport modernize infrastructure while reducing operating costs via lighting upgrades and other sustainability measures. The geothermal lake plate cooling system project represented a third collaboration highlighting the airport's commitment to energy efficiency - delivering savings while exemplifying how airports can advance environmental responsibility.


This project ultimately enhanced sustainability, cut costs, and demonstrated the airport's dedication to responsible energy practices.

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