Warren County
Fiscal Court

The Warren County Fiscal Court recognized the need to enhance their mechanical, controls, and lighting systems while simultaneously addressing energy consumption and operating costs. To achieve this goal, they partnered the expertise of Energy Systems Group. Under this partnership, Energy Systems Group was tasked with designing and executing a comprehensive suite of energy-efficient and infrastructure upgrades across the county.


Energy and Operational Savings


Project Budget


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In addition to the infrastructure upgrades, the project also incorporates water-saving initiatives and adjustments to the utility rate structure, which are expected to contribute further to the project's overall savings. Furthermore, the County foresees additional advantages through rebates and incentives offered by utilities. As a result of this comprehensive effort, the Warren County Fiscal Court has successfully integrated state-of-the-art green technologies into their buildings, significantly enhancing overall energy efficiency.

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“Our county is in the midst of significant economic investment, and we project continued population growth, so facility upgrades and improvements and are an important component of improving our assets and will help Warren County become a more sustainable community.”

-Mike Buchanon, Warren County Judge-Executive

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