Safety, Security, and Savings: Smart Schools

Contact ESG to learn more about implementing a smarter Building Automation System (BAS) in your school!School safety continues to be a major concern for our country. Yet most school districts continue to struggle with the best way to secure their buildings, while at the same time not breaking the bank. The introduction of a comprehensive Building Automation System (BAS) can provide your buildings with a better, healthier, safer, and above all secure learning environment—all without increasing your budget.

What is a Building Automation System (BAS)?              
A BAS uses automation and control systems to monitor and control building-wide systems, such as HVAC, lighting, alarms, and security access and cameras. Converging these systems into a single IT-managed network infrastructure creates a smart building.

How can using a BAS increase safety and security?              
Influenced by recent security and disaster preparedness technologies, BAS have emerged as the optimal way to increase security in school buildings. While many consider the addition of physical barriers the answer, this requires additional funds to update buildings from what are typically already stretched-too-thin operational budgets. Not to mention that most buildings already have steel frames and doors, dual entryways, and continuous monitoring.

The introduction of a BAS heightens situational awareness and increases system communication, putting real time information at the fingertips of your staff. This access to information empowers your team to ensure the safety of all students and staff.

How can using a BAS help save money?              
As mentioned previously, school budgets are continually stretched thin, and administrators are constantly focused on balancing education costs with facilities maintenance and operations. Utilizing a BAS can strengthen the capabilities and responsiveness of your already existing buildings and systems for a fraction of the cost of a remodel or renovation. Additionally, utilizing a SMART BAS can optimize your facility energy and operational budgets, freeing up much-needed funds for other items.

How do I get started?              
Now sure where to start? Contact Energy Systems Group (ESG) and we can discuss how to utilize technology to prepare your facility for the future.

  • What is a SMART Building Automation System (BAS)
  • Recent and Future Security and Disaster Preparedness Technologies
  • How a BAS can improve and monitor your classroom Environmental Health and Safety
  • How a BAS can optimize your facilities Energy & Operational savings
  • How best to approach the funding, incentives, and payback for a SMART BAS