Vilonia School District and ESG Complete Extensive Infrastructure Modernization Project

Vilonia, Arkansas – Energy Systems Group, LLC (ESG) completed construction on $3.2 million in infrastructure upgrades to enhance Vilonia School District’s classroom learning environments. This construction project provided the school district with the opportunity to utilize energy savings contracting to pay for today’s facility upgrades with tomorrow’s energy savings, allowing it to avoid tapping into its capital budget.

The installation of LED lighting across the school district along with water conservation and exterior building upgrades, as well as new HVAC and controls, will lower the district’s annual utility bills and operational spending to cover the cost of the project. The $6.1 million in savings that are guaranteed by ESG ensures a budget-neutral solution.

The program afforded the replacement of 76 HVAC units which were installed at the Freshman Academy, Elementary/Primary Schools, and High School Gymnasium. The upgrades also included a new wireless web-based HVAC control system for the entire district that provides remote access to the operating systems while improving classroom comfort and maximizing energy efficiency.

“Vilonia School District employed an energy savings performance contract for this project to address our infrastructure needs, which allowed us to pay for improvements with the cost savings generated by the program,” said Dr. David Stephens, retired superintendent. “Through this initiative and ESG’s unique approach, we achieved significant enhancements to our schools’ learning environments. It is exciting to see all that we were able to accomplish with this partnership that will benefit our students for today’s generation as well as the next.”

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